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December 2006
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novelty [userpic]
trendy terms of WRONGNESS!


this word in reference to stretched piercings is OUT OF CONTROL.

it's called STRETCHING, not gauging!!!
*pulls hair out*  to "gauge" my ears would mean that i'm guessing at what size they are, or i've got a ruler out and i'm measuring them.

when you walk into a place that sells body jewelery, and you ask if they have gauges...it's like walking into a clothing store looking for socks, but asking if they have sizes.

 fucking shit head.

please only use the term "gauge" to state the size of your jewelery, or to decifer if your mom's cut of the meth was more than yours.

yeah, i deleted my "stabbings" journal and hooked myself up with this new one. enjoy.

thanks to arachniabat for contributing an entry to this community. if any of you have a rant...post it for me to review, and i'll plunk 'er up here (if it's good).


auntie tara.



i cannot STAND THAT!
like what the fuck!? i can't even take it.
"yeah i'm gauging"
'gauging what?'
"my ears!"
'gauging what about your ears?... i don't think you understand the word...ass.'

it's like when people say 'tats'
dood.. it's two syllables you're telling me you can't say tat-too? is it too difficult for you? because it certainly isn't making you look cool.
ughh that sooo gets under my skin.

"gauging my ears"...holy FUCK i hate it all!! it makes NO SENSE.

"tat" or "tatt" is the dorkiest word. it automatically screams "I'M TRYING SO HARD TO SOUND COOL!" um...it has the opposite affect. kinda like if a mom would say "I'm so stoked to get some wikked tats tonight, yo."

and i'd like to also state that the word "stoked" is a total stoner sounding word, and i hate it.

ughhhhhh i hhhhhate it. i want to punch them in the face.. ejarhjkwh.

stoked is a stoner word.. but like...an early 90's stoner word.. not even a modern one. sometimes i catch myself using some stupid word because the little kids at work use them and i hear it of course.. '
2 weeks ago i said 'chate' and stopped myself and thought 'oh god no....' and my brother looked confused and said 'what the fuck? chate?' ack!

why? because some girl who just quit.. was telling me how STOKED she was that she was quitting and that this place was so CHATE.. but she said chate about 85 times in 10 minutes...yipes..

i like to say those words only when i'm actually making FUN of the use of those words. ya know? otherwise it's creepy.

millimetering!! haha.

i do recall noticing that there were actually lj communities called that. how embarrassing for them all.

i made the mistake of going to that community...

I don't really know anything about gauging.
but today I found some of my dad's old gauging stuff and I figured I'd try it.
I went from an 8 to a 2 using a taper.
but a girl I know told me I was stretching them way too fast and that I should check out this community.

okay, I stretched them this morning.
and now my left ear is a little swollen.
it's not bleeding or anything.
it's just a little sore.

should be worried and take it out?"

and i like how the place is called GAUGED, yet if someone uses that term...they are attacked. awesome stuff. maybe it's a trick to lure in the twits then try to set them straight...? haha ack.

About a month ago... I got these tweens that were asking me how long I have been gouging my ears.... that's right... gouging

I think I walked away from that...


that and when people say "i like your SPACERS"
they're called tunnels or plugs, moron.

spacers!? i get it all the time =P

spacers????????? noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! oh god...god...

why is saying what they are so damn hard??? i hate kids.

i make my cat sing and dance.... my boyfriend thinks i'm a nutjob. ahaha =)