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japanese sushi

a lot of people don't know this, but sushi does not equal raw fish.
go to a sushi bar and see for your self.
there's not only raw fish sushi. there's crab salad sushi, cucumber salad sushi, bbq squid sushi, egg sushi, caviar sushi, spam sushi, and the list goes on and on.
what makes sushi is the combination of vinegar rice and the algae wrap, or in the case of "cone sushi", the sweet egg wrap.
yes, it is still sushi if it's just rice and algae. no meat or vegetables required. so, there is no such thing as "vegetarian" sushi.
in fact, the japanese call raw fish "sashimi". doesn't sound anything like "sushi" to my ears.

and besides, folks. there's nothing wrong with eating raw fish in small amounts.
mercury is not like salmonella, you can't cook it out of the fish (at least to my knowledge. i would not hold an immature grudge if someone corrected me on this).
if you're just plain squeamish about raw food but want to say that you tried it, squeeze a little lime juice on the fish and make a ceviche. the lime juice slightly cooks the meat after you let it sit for a little bit.

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i meant that you can't call sushi "vegetarian" because it only requires rice and algae wrap. it'd be improper to put "vegetarian sushi" on a menu, for example, because it's vegetarian without having to say it's vegetarian! i'm sorry for the mix up and the uber late response.