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December 2006
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novelty [userpic]
wrong number etiquette...

i get a lot of idiots calling my home and my cell phone with their wrong numbers. and i've been noticing a real rise in rudenss on their part over the years. i never sound mad at them, or irritated - even when it costs me fucking money to answer their calls on my cell, or when they wake me up in the morning, or call at 2am...no...i give them a polite "i'm sorry, you have the wrong number." and what do i get in return? fuck all. just an immediate hang up like i'm wasting their time. no apology. i haven't had an apology in years. then there's the bitches that want to argue with me, like they don't believe that they have the wrong number, or that i don't know who lives in my house, or who's phone i'm on. "there's no marian that lives there!!??? are you sure??????!!!" <---that's a direct quote. she called again 1 minute later. and called twice again the next day.

and you have to be real special if you're leaving messages on my voice mail for "jake" when clearly i'm a girl and i state that my name is "Tara" in the message. WTF!? pay atttention, people! and be nice when you fuck up.


aww, that sucks.

I've never had a rude wrong number caller.
Actually, not that long ago a wrong number called my cell and I was like, "no, I'm sorry you have the wrong number"

guy on the other line: oh, I'm sorry.... *pause* ... what's your name?

me: Rikki-Lea

guy: How old are you?

me: uhhh... 24

guy: Are you single?

me: *laughing* no

guy: oh, that's too bad. Do you mind if I call again sometime?

me: um. Sure?

guy: Okay! Talk to you soon, Rikki-Lea!

haha. He never called back.

Thats why I try avoid answering phones whenever possible.

That, coupled with the fact that being the person I am, noone ever calls me to begin with (aside from one person, who gives me notice before she does).

Still, whenever I have been on the end of a wrong number scenario, theres never been any apology. Ever.

I love my caller id display and I usually don't answer a call I don't recognize. Although most of the time I end up picking it up, because I'm curious as to who it is that is calling which usually equates to a wrong number. People honestly don't pay attention. I get wrong numbers at my work all the time, it's like they don't listen when we pick up the phone and greet them with our store name and location and we tell them our name. It's like "Wtf" you didn't pick up on the fact that you just called a business and you're looking for your sister in law? I wish I was joking about the sister in law part. Our phone number at work is also one digit different from a rehab home, so we can tons of calls all the time from people asking for vacancy or detox or crap like that. Then they get confused when we're like this is not the right number.