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horns of the baphomet

this one really really irks me and i've noticed that it's becoming more and more common and accepted.
fellow fans of rock and roll, you must know your own god damn music's history!
what i'm talking about is our beloved "true rock", "horns of the baphomet", what ever you wanna call it hand gesture.
stick that fucking thumb in before i cut it the fuck off!
stick your thumb out and that means "i love you". i dunno about you, but i'm not the type of fan that sinks to that level. if you're gonna tell your bands that you love them, you might as well start throwing your undies on the stage while you're at it.
this is how you do it:
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remember, it's supposed to resemble the head of a goat and your goat doesn't need ears.

rock on. \m/

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lol. thanks for making me laugh this morning/afternoon. :D

that post is from ages ago, and i am a bad maintainer of this community, haha...it was sitting "in queue" for months. oops.

haha...oh Tara ♥