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public service announcements galore.
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this one really really irks me and i've noticed that it's becoming more and more common and accepted.
fellow fans of rock and roll, you must know your own god damn music's history!
what i'm talking about is our beloved "true rock", "horns of the baphomet", what ever you wanna call it hand gesture.
stick that fucking thumb in before i cut it the fuck off!
stick your thumb out and that means "i love you". i dunno about you, but i'm not the type of fan that sinks to that level. if you're gonna tell your bands that you love them, you might as well start throwing your undies on the stage while you're at it.
this is how you do it:
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remember, it's supposed to resemble the head of a goat and your goat doesn't need ears.

rock on. \m/

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novelty [userpic]

i get a lot of idiots calling my home and my cell phone with their wrong numbers. and i've been noticing a real rise in rudenss on their part over the years. i never sound mad at them, or irritated - even when it costs me fucking money to answer their calls on my cell, or when they wake me up in the morning, or call at 2am...no...i give them a polite "i'm sorry, you have the wrong number." and what do i get in return? fuck all. just an immediate hang up like i'm wasting their time. no apology. i haven't had an apology in years. then there's the bitches that want to argue with me, like they don't believe that they have the wrong number, or that i don't know who lives in my house, or who's phone i'm on. "there's no marian that lives there!!??? are you sure??????!!!" <---that's a direct quote. she called again 1 minute later. and called twice again the next day.

and you have to be real special if you're leaving messages on my voice mail for "jake" when clearly i'm a girl and i state that my name is "Tara" in the message. WTF!? pay atttention, people! and be nice when you fuck up.

a lot of people don't know this, but sushi does not equal raw fish.
go to a sushi bar and see for your self.
there's not only raw fish sushi. there's crab salad sushi, cucumber salad sushi, bbq squid sushi, egg sushi, caviar sushi, spam sushi, and the list goes on and on.
what makes sushi is the combination of vinegar rice and the algae wrap, or in the case of "cone sushi", the sweet egg wrap.
yes, it is still sushi if it's just rice and algae. no meat or vegetables required. so, there is no such thing as "vegetarian" sushi.
in fact, the japanese call raw fish "sashimi". doesn't sound anything like "sushi" to my ears.

and besides, folks. there's nothing wrong with eating raw fish in small amounts.
mercury is not like salmonella, you can't cook it out of the fish (at least to my knowledge. i would not hold an immature grudge if someone corrected me on this).
if you're just plain squeamish about raw food but want to say that you tried it, squeeze a little lime juice on the fish and make a ceviche. the lime juice slightly cooks the meat after you let it sit for a little bit.

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rev.fester [userpic]

ok people, enough with the fucking snakes on a plane shit. i get it, there's snakes on a motherfucking plane!! holy shit. just go to the movie and shut the fuck up about it already!!

another thing thats pissing me off is people bitching about the trasformers movie (as in who's in it). soundwave is not in it CAUSE HE'S A FUCKING GHETTO BLASTER!!! it's the same reason why megatron is a tank and why optimus prime is a long nosed semi instead of the flat kind. what, are you gonna make soundwave a big ass concert pa that get's pissed off at retard hardcore kids for wearing bad haircuts and girl pants!! come on already!

this war int he middle east shit. for all bloody hell, just get world war 3 started already!!! i want the world to end as we know it. we need a new start. we need our asses kicked back a century or so. fuck!!

the whole rockabilly 50's look. i dont like it. i dont care if you do, i dont. especially the girls. if you wanna look like that, why dont you go back to the kitchen and cook me some fucking dinner while youre at it, cause thats where you look like you belong!!

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novelty [userpic]


this word in reference to stretched piercings is OUT OF CONTROL.

it's called STRETCHING, not gauging!!!
*pulls hair out*  to "gauge" my ears would mean that i'm guessing at what size they are, or i've got a ruler out and i'm measuring them.

when you walk into a place that sells body jewelery, and you ask if they have gauges...it's like walking into a clothing store looking for socks, but asking if they have sizes.

 fucking shit head.

please only use the term "gauge" to state the size of your jewelery, or to decifer if your mom's cut of the meth was more than yours.

yeah, i deleted my "stabbings" journal and hooked myself up with this new one. enjoy.

thanks to arachniabat for contributing an entry to this community. if any of you have a rant...post it for me to review, and i'll plunk 'er up here (if it's good).


auntie tara.

Amber [userpic]

This is sort of a multi faceted rant, I hope that's ok!

Why do people have pets they can't or don't want to take care of? People joke about my virtual zoo, but every one of mine is very well taken care of. Being in "the ghetto" as I like to call it, I see a different cat every almost every time I go outside. Where do they all come from? Well, one of the neighbours' female cats is almost always pregnant. Obviously she's an outdoor cat. When she has her kittens I guess maybe they keep one and maybe give a couple away, but I have a sneaking suspicion they leave most or at least some of the litter outside. There's one all-black kitten that hangs out near my stairs/porch area and every time I try to go near it it runs like a wild cat. Then there are other unsavoury characters that abuse said animals which is probably the reason this street isn't swimming in cats. Yesterday there was a little grey cat sitting on the back steps and I began petting it. I then noticed this cat's tail was only about four inches long and hangs limply. Upon closer inspection there's an angry looking raw patch at the end of the nub. Apparently, this is the downstairs neighbours' cat and it had come home like this a few months ago. Now why the hell would you let a cat outside, especially in the ghetto and more so after it's come home mangled! This brings me to my next issue...

Almost all my neighbours are trash. The family next door has the cops there on a regular basis (I half expect to see them on COPS one day) and are always yelling, screaming and throwing things. Their dog is chained up outside in all weather, even through this heat wave and through the winter, with no more refuge than a plywood dog house and a dirty old comforter. Their kids run around the street barefoot where, at night, you see all manner of crack whores being picked up by gross old perverts, oh and the youngest daughter apparently has leukemia. My downstairs neighbour with his large, free-roaming rottweiler that likes to follow you closely, sniff you and growl, is a complete moron. At one point he came upstairs and asked if we'd heard the argument he and his gf had been in in the wee hours of the morning. We said no, when in fact we had, and he made some comment about his gf being a "drunken Indian". o.0 He's a real winner. I have no patience or tolerance for him or anyone on this street, really, but I think the best was coming home from a family function and being asked "So, uh, do you guys practice witchcraft up there or something?" A flat and rather irritated "No." was all he got yet he persisted as I walked away up the stairs with "Only, it kind of looks like you do, is all."

Kids Who Answer the Phone
Being a telemarketer and hearing young children answer the phone saying "No, my mommy and daddy aren't home, I'm by myself." is pretty unnerving. The first time it happened I was shocked but when you hear it every single day... What happened to parents telling children to not answer the phone? Or plain just not leaving four or five year olds home alone at all??? How about the classic school response "They're busy can I take a message?" Some actually tell me their ages, too! "No, I'm only four. My parents aren't here." Or even the conversations that go something like:
me: I'm calling from this company is Mr or Ms Smith there?
child: Just a minute... *mommy, phone*....*I don't know, some company*.....*but I don't want to*....*noooo*....Um, hi, they're not here right now.
Wtf? Getting your child to hang up on telemarketers? We don't mind being hung up on. I expect it. I would too! But that's just... gah!!!

And that's all I have. Sorry for the loooong rants. ^.^

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"a" is a word.
"lot" is a word.

"alot" is NOT A WORD! w0rd? word, yo.

and i don't even know where the fuck "allot" ever came from, but it should be sent back and shot.

*more grammar atrocities to come.

<3 auntie tara.

Do not EVER honk, or yell out to anything that resembles a girl whilst driving along in your vehicles (aka: your motorized balls). You've been caught honking at men with long hair, and at severely under aged girls. You are clearly a delusional asshole that doesn't know the difference between a sidewalk and a strip club if you do this. Most especially do not be a creepy as fuck fucker if the girl is walking alone at night time. YOU SCARE THE FUCK OUT OF US, and it is extremely cruel, rude, and fucking pathetic to do so. Do you know what most women walking at night (and sometimes during the day even) are thinking?

"Please don't let some sick fuck rape me."
"Please don't let some sick fuck murder me."
"What am I going to do if some sick fuck jumps out at me?"
"What do i have in my purse that I can use against some sick fuck?"
"I hope some social retards don't scare the crap outta me with their horns while I'm trying to concentrate on figuring out how i'm going to escape from some other sick fuck's trunk."

Then that's when it happens...the god damn "BEEEEEEEEEP BEEEEEEEEP!" "WOOO YEAH!!!!" "ILLEGIBLE PERVERTEDNESS!!!" and it's timed so that you are RIGHT beside us, and it's LOUD and it's frightening (see also "obnoxious" "childish" and "fucking lame"). It's also terribly embarrassing and makes another HUMAN feel like utter violated shit. And there's no time for a response, or a deserved kick in the nuts.

The only chicks that are ok with having morons honking at them and yelling shit are packs of 11 year old girls who are smoking their mom's cigarettes and walking to the mall, or their BFF's house, and that's only because it's another thing that makes them feel older and like "special". And if you're honking at 11 year old girls then you are a pedophile and should be put to death.

<3 auntie tara.

99 red balloons. Nina vs Nena: the continuing saga.

Nina Hagen= Nina Hagen.
Gabriele Susanne Kerner= Nena (nickname band name).

Yes, they are both german women who's music career heights were in the 80's, and their first "names" are very similar, but that does not make them the same person.

Nina Hagen= "The Mother of Punk".
Nena= some sweaty chick in a band that had one fluffy hit single, and yes, please know that i'm talking about "99 red balloons". psst...the german version is better.

Recently-ish photos of Nina Hagen were posted in a decent and somewhat elitist (in a good way) lj makeup community. She's a good example of outrageous makeup, and "known", or so I thought, for her style...as much as for her voice and music, since hers is not like anyone else's. I was terribly terribly terribly dead wrong. With the many-o-many comments that were being made, each stating a similar; "omfg i LOVE Nina Hagen and i loooove her song 99 red balloons!!! it's my most favourite retro song i love the 80's!" There was no correction in sight amongst the gathering list of commenters declaring their love and 'hoping for cool points' knowledge of Nina.

This is Nina Hagen...

doesn't even scratch the surface of all the looks, but i'd be here all year posting photos to almost accomplish that. she's deliciously fucked.

And now pay close attention. This is Nena, the singer of "99 red/luftballoons"...


And i even got a photo of them together. not the same person!

Big hair and a BIG difference.

The bigger difference is in their singing voices actually.

Nena= nice, normal, regular chick singing voice.
Nina Hagen= is a vocal genius. studied opera and incorporates that in her insane variety of deranged sweetness, down to an extreme that makes all death metal bands sound like a choir of girl scouts with mints thins in their nickers.

We clear?

Auntie Tara.

use it.
it's amazing and terrifying how many people don't have soap in their kitchens and bathrooms.
shit+food=shitty food. pun intended...and i hate puns, but not as much as i hate how disturbing that thought is.

bars of soap don't count, but you get an "A" for effort. hmmm...make it a "B".

liquid soap in a pump. $1.00 at a dollar store. buy 2 and then stop wondering why you and your family are sick all the time. you're contaminating everything with your germ warfare. you might as well eat a sandwich that you wiped your ass with, and that your dog made sweet, sweet love to.

don't even get me started on food places that handle money then handle your food. if they are doing THAT...and even right in front of you, and they don't care that you can see that they clearly didn't wash their hands since you got there, then you sure as all heck know they didn't wash their hands after pee breaks, masturbating in the bathroom, picking their noses, removing/inserting tampons, ect, ect, ect...it's a bacteria and grossness extrava-danza.

*you should wash your hands for AT LEAST 20 seconds! about the time it takes to sing "mary had a little lamb" twice.

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